Go ye into all the world!

Go ye into all the world!

A view from the IBLP office in Taipei


January 30th started a trip that would take me to 5 different countries, and over 11,289 miles.

I was invited by the IBLP Taiwan office to come to Taiwan and shoot footage for a TESOL promo.

God’s blessing on the trip became evident even before I left as all the different levels of planning began to fall into place seamlessly.

It was an amazing opportunity to visit several different teams of our students teaching in the public schools, character camps, and English Village. As I interviewed many folks I came away realizing the powerful chance these young people have to reach a whole nation for Christ!









I also had the awesome chance to visit my sister Mary (a TESOL teacher) and had the chance to have her travel with me extensively throughout my stay. You can check out her blog here!












One of the side trips we were able to take during my stay was a “short” 3 hour flight to the Philippines to visit Andrew Jorgenson and team serving there. The 20 orphans had just graduated from their 2 year character training program and it was an amazing blessing to see them before they left.

IMG_2821 IMG_2848


The food was a unique experience throughout the trip and I was able to try many different types of food from traditional to exotic (yes I tried stinky tofu).









The final 4 weeks were spent with the 2013 Verity Graduating class. The IBLP office hosted 4 seminars throughout the country, and the Verity team helped with the CI programs at each of those. For the most part I split my time between assisting the CI staff and shooting interviews with families, pastors, and business leaders who have been impacted by the Basic Seminar.



The final week I was given the privilege of leading one of the CI teams. I am so grateful for the training I have received over the years from my parents and many others in working with children and teaching life from God’s perspective. Here is a short highlight video shot and edited on my iPhone:

862102_10151515754110844_1785300382_n 862852_10151515754155844_1386811736_n
















May God richly bless you!


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Peru Bound!

Peru Bound!

I will be leaving for Peru tomorrow for 2 weeks. In 2010 I had the opportunity to visit this amazing country and really saw God do some amazing things.

Here is a link to the “Unofficial blog” for the Peru team:

God Bless and please pray!

-Nathan C

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